Piano: I, IV, V, vi Progressions Resource Pack Preview

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The songwriters that create songs for mainstream music don’t write hits by accident – these songwriters know which core-chords are going to be the most impactful to their listeners. https://www.musical-u.com/learn/iv-v-vi-chord-progressions-harmonizing-resource-pack-preview/

Those chords are not in the hundreds, not even dozens… when we distill these hit-making chords into their simplest form we are talking about three or four chords. Doesn’t that sound more manageable?

In this resource pack, Piano Pro, Ruth Power, teaches you how to play I-IV-V-vi progressions on your keyboard


– How to build on your previous knowledge of I-IV-V progressions.
Introducing the “Sad Twin” (often referred to as the “relative minor”.)

– Five fun exercises in varying styles from dance to pop to doo-wop and more.

– MP3 demo and backing tracks that illustrate and provide practice opportunities for each exercise.

Once you have mastered these patterns, you’ll be ready to take them out into the real world. To fully master these handy chord progressions, begin to learn them in all 12 keys. It’s a fair amount of work to master this, but just think how many hundreds of songs this opens up to your playing!

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Piano: I, IV, V, vi Progressions Resource Pack Preview