Piano: Improvisation 1, 2, 3 Resource Pack Preview

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Our traditional western music education system has the concept of improvisation backward.

Many of us have been led to believe that improv is something that happens only after we’ve learned a heap of scales and chords inside out and become Jedi masters of our instruments. But while we give all respect to our monster improv heroes, we at Musical U have come to believe that improvisation can be a faithful companion from the very first step of your musical journey.

In fact, you can begin your improvisation with just one, two, or three notes.

The most magical thing about learning three-note improv is that this exercise isn’t just for beginners – in fact, many competent shredders have found new meaning in their improv by breaking it down to just a few notes, and focusing intently on the rhythm, dynamics, articulation, and other musical dimensions that can be lost when trying to squeeze too many notes into too little space.


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Piano: Improvisation 1, 2, 3 Resource Pack Preview