Piano: Major Minor Resource Pack Preview

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Major and Minor are two basic qualities that pervade our musical system. How does this apply to piano players? https://www.musical-u.com/learn/major-and-minor-resource-pack-preview/

We talk about major and minor keys, major and minor scales, major and minor chords, major and minor intervals… Hearing the difference between them is a crucial step in growing your musicality.

Many times we simply resort to the old idea that major is “happy” and minor is “sad”. That might work with chords in isolation. But it’s usually not quite that simple when we encounter major and minor “in the wild.” What happens when playing minor chords in a major key? Major chords in a minor key? And how can a simple interval sound major or minor?

The unique way in which notes are laid out on your instrument, and the resulting patterns required to play major and minor scales, chords, and intervals, can actually help to untangle it all.

In this month’s Instrument Packs Musical U’s Resident Pros take on the topic of major and minor – how to find them, play them, and hear them on your instrument.


Learn more about Musical U Resident Pro Sara Campbell: https://sarasmusicstudio.com/



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Piano: Major Minor Resource Pack Preview