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The major pentatonic scale is one of the most useful and universal, and has the advantage of being easier to learn and use than the full major scale most musicians start with. When it comes to playing by ear and improvising, the major pentatonic is a perfect place to start.

The Major Pentatonic: Resource Pack Preview

In this month’s Instrument Packs at Musical U our four Resident Pros taught easy, practical ways to put the major pentatonic to use on guitar, bass, piano and when singing. Building on our training modules which teach members to recognise the major pentatonic scale and each of its notes by ear, as well as last month’s Resource Packs on Beginning Improvisation, these new tutorials help make the connection to instrument skills and practical use of the pentatonic when playing and creating music.

Building on the easy and accessible approach to piano improvisation taught in last month’s Resource Pack Sara Campbell shows how the major pentatonic can be a great way to explore easy piano improv. Through a mix of clear finger-pattern exercises and great-sounding improvisation exercises, Sara shows how you can quickly and easily master this valuable tool.


– Major Pentatonic Scale basics: how to figure it out in any key.
– Two Pentatonic Scale warmup exercises to help you get familiar with all 12 pentatonic scales.
– A fun boogie-bass improvisation exercise.
– Various patterns you can use to explore the sound of the pentatonic.
– A handy tip for knowing when to use the pentatonic to improvise.
– MP3 practice tracks for the warmups and improvisation exercises.
– Quick reference sheets for the two warmup exercises showing the scales in all 12 keys.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering improvisation on piano or how to master scales across all 12 major and minor keys. Fortunately, Sara knows exactly how to crush that barrier and make learning pentatonic improv fun, easy and effective from the very beginning.

The Major Pentatonic: Resource Pack Preview


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Piano: Major Pentatonic