Piano: Play By Ear Process – Basslines Resource Pack Preview

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Bass is cool. There’s no doubt. Pianists don’t have to miss out on that essential element. The bass part is a great place to start when learning the harmony (chords) of a song by ear. This is because for the most part – and certainly, in basic popular songs – the bass part is the root note of the chord. Piano Pro, Ruth Power, shows how you can recognize and play bass patterns by ear: http://musl.ink/respackbreathbass


– How to tune your bass-ic instinct to hear the chord progression.
“Fishing” for bass.

– How to rank the chords and scale degrees to narrow down your note choices.

– The five bass movement shortcuts that will accelerate your grasp of basslines in the music you love.

– Three powerful exercises for learning basslines by ear.

– 17 MP3 tracks that illustrate and provide practice opportunities for each exercise.


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Piano: Play By Ear Process – Basslines Resource Pack Preview