Piano: Play By Ear Process – Melody Resource Pack Preview

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Nowadays, it’s fairly simple to look up the TABs or sheet music for the songs you want to play. But what if you could simply hear music and play what your hearing, much like you could repeat a phrase or a joke? http://musl.ink/respackbreathmelodybyear

The ability to play by ear will give a huge boost to your confidence and ability to enjoy and understand music. So this month we are beginning 2019 with a series of Resource Packs dedicated to the play by ear process – beginning with melody.

When you’re playing by ear, you connect with the music on a much deeper level, and open yourself up to hearing and expressing the music that’s inside you…

There are many aspects of musicality that combine to form the ability to play by ear. Musical U Bass Pro Steve Lawson reminds us that if you want to play by ear, then… play by ear!

But like many other musical skills, the beginning can be a bit… slow going. At Musical U, we have many modules to help anyone along with this process. Our Instrument Packs take the next step in helping you to translate your play-by-ear learning directly to your instrument.

Our Instrument Pros recommend starting small and building your confidence, and the melody is a great place to start – since that’s the most memorable, recognizable part of the music. The other aspects (bass lines, chords, etc.) all eventually relate back to the melody.

The Instrument Pros also recommend looking for certain patterns and scales to narrow down your note choices as you’re figuring out a song by ear (also known as “transcribing”).


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Piano: Play By Ear Process – Melody Resource Pack Preview