Playing With Heart and By Heart, with Sarah Jeffery

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Have you ever thought that the recorder was an instrument just for children’s music education? Sarah Jeffery from Team Recorder, the top YouTube channel for recorder players, joins us to show you just how fascinating and versatile an instrument it can be.

Sarah creates wonderful tutorial videos there and although her target viewer is the adult recorder player, so much of what she teaches is rich in musicality and relevant across instruments that we were really eager to invite her onto the show.

Sarah studied recorder at a university level for 9 years, in the United Kingdom and in Amsterdam, among the world’s top players and teachers, and she started Team Recorder with the mission of making that wealth of knowledge she’d had the privilege to learn be accessible to anyone in the world who wants to know more about recorder.

In this conversation we talk about:

– The big difference it makes to play music by heart rather than from sheet music – and how to make that memorisation process easier.

– How it’s possible to sing and play recorder at the same time – and why you might want to do that…

– And as well as her YouTube work, Sarah is a professional performer and recording artist, and we discuss her recent recorder-centered album, Constellations, and how contemporary recorder music can be more accessible as a listener than you might expect.

We hope that after today’s episode you’re going to be going out and telling all your musician friends about these cool ideas you picked up from a professional recorder player… or that you might even be tempted to pick up a recorder yourself!

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Listen to the episode:

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Playing With Heart and By Heart, with Sarah Jeffery