Resource Pack Preview Bass Scale Degree Recognition

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Learning to recognise notes by ear can seem overwhelmingly difficult. There’s one way to make it much simpler though: because most notes come from the scale the music was written with, learning to recognise the notes of the scale by ear lets you quickly narrow things down to the most likely right notes.

Inside Musical U we have modules dedicated to the solfa (a.k.a. solfege) approach to scale degree recognition, as well as intervals and extending the skill to full melodies.

In this month’s Instrument Packs our Resident Pros tackled this subject and made it easy for MU members to apply this powerful skill directly on guitar, piano, bass and singing.

It’s always fascinating to see how each of our Resident Pros tackles the same topic from different angles and this month was no exception!

From Musical U Singing Resident Pro Steve Lawson
Twitter: @solobasssteve

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Resource Pack Preview Bass Scale Degree Recognition