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How can you make your music practice more effective and fun?

Music practice doesn’t have to be boring, music practice is part of who we are, it’s part of what we do as musicians, and some of these very simple tricks and tips are gonna help you enjoy your process in the practice room much more.

One thing that we hear a lot from the members of Musical U, is how to take all of the things that they’re learning within Musical U, and they’re learning in their music education, and how to actually apply it their instrument. And for most musicians, that means in the practice room. How are we applying all these skills in practice, so that we can then go and perform, or continue to play, or experiment with different musical sounds? All of this comes down to how we’re actually applying things that we’re learning, to our instrument.

We’ve different tips and tricks that we’ve learned throughout all of the episodes of The Musicality Podcast. So each member of the team has picked a certain episode that really touched them, that really appealed to them and spoke to them, and they were able to use that in their own music practice. And we’d like to share those with all of you, and so that you can revisit old episodes of the podcast, and continue to apply these things in your music practice.

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Rewind: Practicing