Rewind: Reflections

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It’s been an exciting year at Musical U. Since switching from audio-only to video interviews at the beginning of 2019, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with some amazing musical experts from all over the world! In this special Rewind episode of Musicality Now, the Musical U team reflects on some of the episodes from 2019 that had a big impact on our musical lives.

We’ve all learned so much and were really excited to share some of our a-ha moments with you! We are so grateful to have the honor of gaining insight from such powerful musical minds – and we don’t want you to miss any of the golden nuggets of information and inspiration packed into the vaults of the Musicality Now catalogue.

Dive in to this special Rewind episode and unlock an excitement for musicality to propel you to your musical goals!

Watch the episode:

Links and Resources

How to Earn Your Inspiration, with Mark Cawley :

More Mindful, More Musical, with Susanne Olbrich :

Boosting Musical Brainpower, with Josh Turknett (Brainjo) :

How Composers Improve, with Matthew Ellul (School of Composition) :

In Perfect Swinging Harmony, with The Quebe Sisters :

Nature, Nurture, and your Duvet of Music, with Robert Emery :

How to Learn Like a Genius, with Gregg Goodhart :

What Music Practice Really Means, with Jonathan Harnum, PhD (The Practice Of Practice) :

Emotion and Efficiency, with Marc Gelfo :

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Rewind: Reflections