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What if music theory wasn’t difficult or boring? What if it was a mind-blowing and immediately-useful tool for your musical creativity? And what if there were a few simple insights and skills you could learn that would transform the way you experience being a musician?

Today on the show we’re joined by Shelle Soelberg, the founder of Let’s Play Music: an early music education program popular across the United States. But as you’ll learn in this episode, the tools they’re teaching to young children can be just as powerful and transformative for adult learners. In fact Shelle herself discovered them only after reaching college.

Shelle started teaching in this way in 1998 and in 2002 she started Let’s Play Music to share her method with other teachers. There have since been over 400 teachers trained in this approach impacting the early music education of over 20,000 students.

At a glance, Let’s Play Music may seem like just a fun way for children to experience music. But don’t let the upbeat spirit and joy of Let’s Play Music fool you: there is seriously impressive training going on, and the young graduates of this method are able to do some things in music that many adult musicians only dream of.

In this conversation Shelle talks about her own experience of learning music and the late discovery of two tools that transformed how capable and confident she felt as a musician.

Shelle shares how learning music theory – which was such a dull slog for many of the music students around her – was actually the gateway to truly understanding the music she was playing – and she reveals the one thing you can do that actually makes learning theory fun and useful.

She also talks us through some clear and simple examples of how learning these two tools can benefit you immediately in music.

If you’ve ever felt bored or overwhelmed by music theory – or you’ve wondered where to start in order to actually comprehend music by ear – this conversation is going to inspire you and give you some really valuable pointers for your own musicality training.

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Seriously Enjoyable Music Learning with Shelle Soelberg: The Musicality Podcast