Singing: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)

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Audiation may be a strange and unfamiliar word, but it means something you probably do every day: hear music in your head.

Learning to harness this skill and develop it can benefit you in a wide variety of ways on your instrument. Taken a step further, learning to sing what you hear or audiate creates a valuable bridge between your mind’s ear and what you play.

Audiation is essential for singers in a number of ways, as Resident Pro for singing Clare Wheeler explains.

– Audiation lets you bring theory to life, judge and match pitch, stay in tune, and harmonise by ear.
– How audiation can be the difference between an amateur and a professional choir starting a piece.
– One simple exercise and a valuable insight to practice matching pitch dead-on, first time.
– How to stay in key and not drift during a piece.
– The usefulness of memorising a single reference pitch.
– How to start learning to harmonise by ear when singing

As musicians and music lovers we all audiate in one way or another, even if it’s just when an annoying song gets stuck in our head! Clare shows how even this is an opportunity to improve as a singer, and the myriad other ways audiation can transform your accuracy, confidence and creativity when singing.


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Singing: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)