Singing: Breathing, Part 2 Resource Pack Preview

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In Breathing, Part 1, Singing Pro Clare Wheeler provided a step-by-step routine to relax and strengthen your breathing cycle as you prepare to sing. This month, Clare integrates that sequence with vocal warm-up exercises:


– An efficient practice regime that can be done regularly to improve breath support and stamina.

– Warm-up stretches to improve posture.

– Locating the abdominal muscles that maximize the breath.

– Training your body to expand the ribcage.

– Adding in held notes, scales, and arpeggios in the best way to build both breathing and tone.

– Working with vowel sounds, and the best vowel to use for these exercises.

– MP3 backing tracks to add more pleasure and musicality to your vocal warmups

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Singing: Breathing, Part 2 Resource Pack Preview