Singing: Harmonizing Part 2 Resource Pack Preview

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Applying music theory isn’t just for instrumentalists – singers who want to harmonize can benefit greatly from understanding theory to construct meaningful, beautiful harmonic lines.

Ever wonder how some singers seem to come up with cool vocal harmonies on the spot? It’s not magic – there is a science to it that you can learn. In Harmonizing, Part 2, Singing Pro Clare Wheeler continues to expand on the parallel method of creating vocal harmonies:


– Recap of Harmonizing, Part 1 – using scale degrees to create one parallel harmony.

– Working with a new song in three-part harmony.

– When, why, and how to easily adjust when the parallel method isn’t working.

– Full scores for the exercises.

– MP3 demonstration and background tracks to help you in your practice.

– Beautiful vocal harmonies add such richness to the music!

Understanding how to come up with them yourself will also add to your appreciation of the harmonies you are already singing, and those that you hear in the music you love.

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Singing: Harmonizing Part 2 Resource Pack Preview