Singing that Sounds Good – and Beyond, with Davin Youngs

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Can you imagine a room full of non-singers trying to sing, all together, completely improvised? You’re probably imagining total unmusical chaos, right? You might be surprised by what’s possible…

Today we’re talking with Davin Youngs, founder of Davin Youngs Voice, Chicago Circle Singing and the VOXUS Experience. Davin is a remarkable singing educator and although (as you’ll hear in this episode) he doesn’t much care about pedagogy for the sake of pedagogy, he does actually have a fascinating, unusual and in my opinion wonderful approach to helping people learn to sing and express themselves with their voice.

In this conversation we talk about:

– How group improvised singing can work even if the participants aren’t trained to improvise – or sing!
– Why focusing on what “sounds good” is not necessarily the right way to improve as a singer.
– How someone who grew up as a natural singer ended up specialising in helping those who don’t feel natural at all to find their authentic voice and start expressing themselves through singing.

We were really happy to have the chance to speak with Davin and learn more about his innovative projects. There were a ton of useful insights and ideas in this conversation, whether you consider yourself “a singer” or not.

Listen to the episode:

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Singing that Sounds Good – and Beyond, with Davin Youngs