The Musicality of Sitting on a Rock, with Andrew Bishko

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Today we have the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of our own team members at Musical U. But as you’re about to discover, despite his huge contributions at Musical U, this represents just one small part of a long and fascinating career as a musician, composer, author and music educator.

Andrew Bishko is our Content Editor and Product Manager at Musical U, which means he’s in charge of overseeing everything we publish and also the teaching material we continue to expand and improve inside Musical U itself.

Andrew has performed and toured professionally in a number of bands, taught private instrument lessons, published a book and taught university courses in the US. He’s played a wide variety of instruments, from piano to accordion to flute and Native American flute to a recent new addition, the guitarrón. He’s played in styles as varied as classical, folk, reggae, jazz, Klezmer – and even a Pink Floyd tribute band.

In this conversation you’ll discover:

– How he went from classical Chopin recitals on piano to touring the world playing flute in a reggae band.

– The one genre of music that resonated most deeply with him emotionally and caused him to focus on it for 15 years.

– Why the best way to learn to improvise might involve being taught how to go sit on a rock.

This one runs long! And that was with us being very self-controlled and not diving into any one of several topics along the way which we would have loved to pick Andrew’s brains on further. After 90 minutes we felt like we’d barely scratched the surface, and there are a ton of interesting and useful insights packed into this conversation for you. You’ll see why we consider it an honour and a privilege to have Andrew on the Musical U team.

Listen to the episode:

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The Musicality of Sitting on a Rock, with Andrew Bishko