The Roots of Greatness, with Scott Devine

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What’s the secret sauce that the world’s top musicians all have in common? We’re joined by Scott Devine, the man behind Scott’s Bass Lessons, the #1 website for learning bass guitar where they provide extensive training, masterclasses and live calls with a faculty of the top bass educators in the world.

This is the very first episode under our new name – formerly The Musicality Podcast, this show is now called simply “Musicality Now” which we think better captures the spirit and variety of the show and where we’ll be taking it in the future.

When we made the switch to video back in January we were delighted to have our first interview be with Sabrina Peña Young, someone we know well and who has deep insights, which made for a long and fascinating converation.

We’re excited now to kick off this new incarnation of the show similarly, with a particularly meaty episode that is going to have a big and positive impact on your own musicality journey.

In this conversation we talk about:

– How spending six months at sea transformed Scott’s bass playing.

– The simple piece of advice that immediately put an end to Scott’s umming and ahhing over what to study next in his own bass learning.

– And, after talking to, interviewing, and studying with dozens upon dozens of the world’s top bassists and musicians, the one thing Scott has learned they all have in common – and (spoiler alert) it’s not “talent”!

Scott also gives a fantastic mini tutorial on a particular bass technique, walking basslines, which is something that’s really valuable to understand, whether you play bass or not – you’re going to hear these everywhere, and after today’s conversation you’re going to understand how exactly they’re put together.

There is a ton packed in here and you guys are in for a treat…

This is Musicality Now.

Listen to the episode:

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The Roots of Greatness, with Scott Devine