The Simplicity and Sophistication of the Beatles, with Aaron Krerowicz

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Today we’re talking with Aaron Krerowicz, who focuses specifically on the music of The Beatles. Meaning he dives deep into the lyrics, the chords, the notes used in melodies – all the stuff that musicians are perhaps most hungry to hear about but is quite rarely discussed in such a dedicated way.

This was a super cool conversation.

We know you’re going to be itching for more from Aaron so you’ll be pleased to hear he’s written several short, easy-to-read books, and published a ton of bite-sized videos on the topic too which you can find at Flipside Beatles.

In this conversation we talk about:

– The special way in which the music of the Beatles is “sophisticated” – and when that all began

– How the Beatles learned from and re-imagined the music of the time to create their most remarkable songs

– And what we can learn from looking at which of the group wrote each song, and the way the music and lyrics relate.

Plus: Aaron shares a quite shocking statistic about the apparent overnight success of the Fab Four.

Aaron brings a unique perspective to analysing The Beatles and I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation just as much as we did.

You’re tuned in to Beatles Month at Musical U.

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The Simplicity and Sophistication of the Beatles, with Aaron Krerowicz