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Today we’re joined on the show by Vincent James, who is the co-founder of an organization called Keep Music Alive. They organize two big music holidays each year: Teach Music Week and Kids Music Day. http://musicalitypodcast.com/50

In 2017 they partnered with over 600 music school and retail locations to help celebrate Teach Music Week and Kids Music Day by offering free music lessons and holding other community events including open houses, student performances and instrument donation drives.

Vincent and his wife Joann are also authors of a book called “88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life” which features over 100 inspirational music stories from around the world, including a number of celebrities.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Vincent is also the man behind LoveSongs.com, writing custom love songs on request.

In this conversation, we was keen to find out more about the musician behind these three fascinating and impressive projects. We talk about:

– The book “88+ Ways…” – what inspired him to take on such an ambitious project and how it came about. I also ask Vincent to share two of his favourite stories from the book.

– His experience writing custom love songs for couples and his advice to all budding songwriters.

– The two nationwide events he’s organised, partnering with over 600 music schools and stores across the US, to promote music learning.

– And Vincent shares the biggest lesson that comes through all of these projects and successes which you can apply to your own musical life.

We’ve really loved reading a story or two from 88+ Ways each day recently, it’s a great way to stay aware of and inspired by the incredible power of music in our world. Between the stories Vincent shares in this conversation and the events he has coming up in 2018 that you can get involved in, you’re going to come away from this one feeling uplifted and inspired too.

Listen to the episode: http://musicalitypodcast.com/50

Links and Resources

KeepMusicAlive.org: http://keepmusicalive.org/

KidsMusicDay.org: http://kidsmusicday.org/

TeachMusicWeek.org: http://teachmusicweek.org/

“So Many Things“, by Vincent James: https://www.amazon.com/One-More-Night-Vincent-James/dp/B0001E5H0I

88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life: http://88waysmusic.com/

Interview with Sara Campbell: http://musicalitypodcast.com/14

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Unleashing Inspiration, with Vincent James