Unlock Your Potential By Understanding Your Mind, with Nick Bottini (Just Play)

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Today we’re talking with Nick Bottini, a career and performance coach who has worked with high level performers from around the world including child prodigies, competition winners, rock stars, entrepreneurs, international sportspeople and elite music college students. Nick is the author of Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence, a best-selling book which challenges the current thinking on performance psychology and offers a fundamentally different way of thinking about the experience of learning music and how to achieve our full potential. musicalitypodcast.com/205

Nick’s teaching is deep. Depending on your background it may seem very odd, or it may be exactly what you’ve been desperate to hear someone put clearly into words.

His successful techniques are rooted in long-standing spiritual traditions yet there’s no dogma or belief system required to benefit from these ideas. Nick brings it all home to roost with practical ways to shift your mindset and successfully achieve the musical levels you desire.

For example we talk about:

– Why most musicians never feel fully settled or at home in their musical lives or identity as a musician, and how that relates to performance anxiety and impostor syndrome.

– The “elephant in the room” when it comes to modern performance psychology – and what the alternative is.

– Two unorthodox but effective ways to flip how you approach music practice – and, unlike some of what you may have heard on this show in the past, this is not about “enjoying practice more.”

The lessons in this episode can positively affect not just your musicality and musical potential, but your life and potential in general.

That’s why we’re so excited to share this with you. Enjoy!


Links and Resources

Nick Bottini Online – https://www.nickbottini.com/

“Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence” – https://www.amazon.com/Just-Play-Simple-Musical-Excellence/dp/1781333181

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Unlock Your Potential By Understanding Your Mind, with Nick Bottini (Just Play)