Unlocking Your Musicality: Part One

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It is hard to believe – but we have reached Episode 100 of the Musicality Podcast! http://musicalitypodcast.com/100

It’s been just about a year since we launched the show and it has been an absolute blast. We knew it would be fun to connect with interesting people and talk about musicality, but we had no idea just how incredible it would be. We’ve been blown away by the amazing people who’ve joined us on the show so far.

So when we were talking with the team about what we could do to celebrate hitting Episode 100 the other idea that quickly came up was that we could recap some of the stand-out lessons and quotes from our amazing interviewees.

Which would be cool. But you know what would be even cooler? If we could get those same superstars to contribute something fresh and new – and something that would be really impactful on *your* musical life.

So that’s what we did. And a huge thank you to all our past guests who contributed a clip. We were hoping to get a handful back – and ended up with 26 contributions!

The question we asked was:

”What’s one thing you’ve learned that could help musicians to tap into their inner musicality?”

So what you have here – and these are going to run into a second episode too because there were so many! What you have here is an incredible collection of the most punchy insights and wisdom from more than two dozen of the world’s leading music educators and musicality experts, all in one place.

Listen to the episode: http://musicalitypodcast.com/100

Links and Resources:

Interview with Forrest Kinney: http://musl.ink/pod66/

Interview with Donna Schwartz: http://musl.ink/pod68/

Interview with Andrew Bishko: http://musl.ink/pod74/

Interview with Brent Vaartstra: http://musl.ink/pod16/

Interview with David Reed: http://musl.ink/pod54/

Interview with Melody Payne: http://musl.ink/pod18/

Interview with Andy Wasserman: http://musl.ink/pod90/

Interview with Jimmy Rotheram: http://musl.ink/pod70/

Interview with Judy Rodman: http://musl.ink/pod44/

Interview with Natalie Weber: http://musl.ink/pod2/

Interview with Music Student 101: http://musl.ink/pod34

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Unlocking Your Musicality: Part One