What are your most important and fundamental beliefs? Yo…

What are your most important and fundamental beliefs?

You know, the things which you most firmly believe in.

The things which are the driving force underneath all the choices you make.

When I sat down to write a list of “what we believe in” here at Musical U, there were almost 20 things on the list!

All of which I knew we cared strongly about and which come through in all our training, support and community…


It turned out there were just four “pillar beliefs”.

Four things which are our guiding light.

Meaning: as long as we’re staying true to these, we can’t go wrong.

And although I don’t think any one of them is more important than the rest…

There is one which is perhaps most front-and-center for us here at Musical U.

This one belief is the thing we’re most known for around the world.

It’s the one thing which most attracts musicians to our courses and membership.

There’s a very good chance it’s the reason that you found us and are receiving this email right now.

In fact, if I had to wager, I’d say this is probably the one of our four pillar beliefs that would resonate most with you personally.

It’s one we call “Musical Inside And Out”:

We believe that every person has a natural connection to music and by developing the “inner skills” of musicality anybody can learn to understand music instinctively, find their musical voice and feel free, confident and creative in music.

What do you think – does that resonate with you?

We recently had a set of emblems designed for our four pillar beliefs.

As soon as I saw the design for “Musical Inside And Out” I thought “I want that on a t-shirt!”

Maybe you’ll feel the same way? Check out this limited time offer from Musical U!