What Is Ear Training? (and why does it normally fail?)

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For this episode of Musicality Now, we turned the tables on our usual format. Adam Liette, Musical U Operations Manager is taking over for our normal host, Christopher Sutton – and Christopher is our guest! http://musicalitypodcast.com/207

Adam sat down with Christopher and asked him two important questions:

1. One that many musicians think they know the answer to: “What is ear training?”

2. And one that is a sticking point for most music learners: “Why isn’t ear training working?”

If you’re watching or listening to this show, you know the benefits of a great musical ear. But how do you get there? If you, like many others, find ear training hard or frustrating, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

Watch the episode: http://musicalitypodcast.com/207

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What Is Ear Training? (and why does it normally fail?)