What Makes A Musician A “Natural” [Musicality Unleashed]

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Mastering your instrument won’t make you a great musician. If you’ve wanted to be more capable in music, then putting in more time practicing instrument technique is not the answer. http://www.musicalityunleashed.com

If you’re someone who’s dreamed of feeling free, capable and confident in music – but instead feel restricted, limited, and like learning music is a struggle – then you may have fallen for the big lie which mainstream music education tells:

That learning music means learning an instrument.

Yet if that were true, surely anyone who’s studied an instrument for years would feel free, confident and capable? They’d be able to play whatever they want, improvise or create their own music, they’d perform and collaborate with ease.

In reality, very few musicians ever enjoy that kind of freedom – and it’s because learning an instrument doesn’t deliver what you really need to become that “natural” in music.

What is it that distinguishes a “natural” musician from the average music learner?

Why is it that even when you get good with instrument technique you don’t really feel any closer to feeling really “musical”?

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What Makes A Musician A “Natural” [Musicality Unleashed]