What’s New in Musical U: April 2018

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We have three big things to mention at Musical U this month. The first was the official launch of our Improv Roadmap which rounded out last month’s “Improv Month” celebrations. Then we had new Resource Packs for guitar, bass and piano on the topic of Intervals. And two new Singing packs on swing rhythm and syncopation. And finally, we’ve made a big change to how you can join Musical U, which is important to know about if you’ve been thinking about joining. Stay tuned for the details on that.

So those were the three major changes at Musical U this month: A brand new Roadmap for Learning to Improvise, packed with training modules and exercises to take you from zero improv ability to free, creative and confident improvising. New Resource Packs for Intervals as well as singing ones for Swing Rhythm and Syncopation. And finally, a small change to how joining Musical U works, to ensure we can continue to help every member get the success they deserve.

Thanks for joining me for this look inside what’s new at Musical U this month – and I hope to see you inside soon!



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What’s New in Musical U: April 2018