What’s New in Musical U: February 2018

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Musical U has exciting news that we can’t wait to share with you! This March we will be exploring improvisation. Discover the new articles, podcasts, and modules that we are preparing in this preview of Improv Month. https://www.musical-u.com/learn/whats-new-musical-u-february-2018/

Hi, this is Christopher Sutton, the Founder and Director of Musical U, and thanks for joining me for this look inside what’s new at Musical U this month.

We’re actually going to do something a bit different this time though. If you’ve watched one of these videos before, you know that normally what I do is I run you through the new modules and resource packs and all the goodies we have inside Musical U that are new this month. But today I started doing that, and I was looking at our great new resource packs for syncopation and for swing rhythm, and I was going to talk about our Fireside Chat, the new feature where members get to talk directly with the team. This month, we had a great one on performance, and I was getting psyched about that.

But then I got totally sidetracked, because this week March starts, and March is Improv Month at Musical U.

It’s a new thing we’ve put together where we’re going to theme the month all about the topic of improvisation, and I decided what I wanted to do with this video was actually just bring you guys up to speed on all the great stuff we have going on this month for Improv Month.

You can watch the video below or read on to learn more!



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What’s New in Musical U: February 2018