Your Peak Performance Toolkit, with Mark Morley-Fletcher (Play In The Zone)

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We’re joined by Mark Morley-Fletcher from Play in the Zone. Mark is a jazz guitarist turned peak performance specialist. He’s developed a system for helping everyday music learners tackle performance anxiety.

Mark has taken ideas and techniques from the world of performance psychology and drawn them in to a clear, coherent framework. He does a fantastic job of tying the underlying concepts behind performance to practical tips you can apply right away in your own musical life.

In this conversation we talk about:

– The non-musical activity that helped Mark draw together the latest research on peak performance into a practical system for musicians.

– The difference between “good” autopilot and “bad autopilot” when it comes to performing.

– The specific things you can do to defuse the negative physical and mental reactions to performance situations.

You’ll love the insight in this episode – whether you’re gearing up for your first performance, or you’re a touring veteran. Jump in and learn how to play your best!

Watch the episode:

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Your Peak Performance Toolkit, with Mark Morley-Fletcher (Play In The Zone)