Welcome to Beatles Month!

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Welcome to Beatles Month! Today we’re kicking off a very special series of episodes where we’ll be celebrating all things Fab Four – and particularly diving into all the musicality questions we’re so interested in here at Musical U – like what makes a song tick, how to understand what you hear in music, and what are the concrete, practical skills that underlie apparent musical “talent”. http://musl.ink/pod167

Now if you’re not already a Beatles fan, I’m confident you’re still going to find the upcoming episodes fascinating and useful – and I think we might just be able to convert you into a fan along the way too – because the Beatles are utterly unique and their success and their musical output is incomparable.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever age you might be and whatever style of music you like, the chances are there are Beatles songs or albums that you love.

So: an incredible band. But this band didn’t spring out of nowhere with a magical talent.

As you’ll be discovering in the episodes ahead there are clear, practical, learned skills and down-to-earth explanations behind all of the remarkable things they were able to do.

This month has been so much fun to put together, and thank you in advance to the six Beatles experts who’ve contributed, as well as the Musical U team for helping to put it all together. I hope you’ll enjoy it – and that it will increase your love of the Beatles as well as more broadly empowering you in a new way in music.

Listen to the episode: http://musl.ink/pod167

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Welcome to Beatles Month!