When you think about opera, you might envision Bugs Bunny…

When you think about opera, you might envision Bugs Bunny wearing a Viking hat singing loudly to Wagner or remember sitting bored in a concert hall as a robust soprano belts out some serious Italian.

For many reasons, opera has gotten a pretty bad rap in the last few decades. After all, how can hours of Wagner’s Ring Cycle compare to flashy three-minute music videos starring “the Bieb” in today’s high adrenaline multitasking multimedia mayhem?

But opera in the 21st century is not your great-grandma’s opera. Before film became the audiovisual entertainment of choice, opera was the cutting edge artistic voice of change political, musical, and even fashionable. Opera today embraces the spirit of traditional opera but adds in technology, jazz, pop music, and even sci-fi to make opera relevant to the third millennium listener.